MIMO WPT Theory from Inductive to radiative

WPT Workshop – Session 1 – Instructor: Qiaowei Yuan

Abstract and Session Summary:

The talk will present a universal approach for calculating the power transfer efficiency (PTE), maximum power transfer efficiency (MPTE), and conditions for achieving MPTE for arbitrary multiple input (or transmitter) multiple output (or receiver) wireless power transfer (MIMO-WPT) systems. The PTE, also known as the RF efficiency, between M transmitters and N receivers, is precisely formulated using the equivalent M+N port S-parameters circuit network as the Rayleigh quotient. Accordingly, the MPTE is achieved by calculating the maximum eigenvalue of the generalized Rayleigh problem that has been formulated. The method can be applied to inductive or capacitive coupling, and even radiative scenarios. The effectiveness and universality of the above method are demonstrated by calculating the MPTEs for single transmitter single receiver (SISO) and multiple transmitters single receiver (MISO) systems, as well as various scenarios, including the case where receivers are moved from the near-field region to the far-field region of the transmitters.