Instructions for Oral Presentations

Each oral session will run for 15 minutes in total. The presentation will be 11-12 minutes followed by 3 minutes of Q&A from the audience. 

Presenters need to upload their presentation through the Exordo website so that we can streamline the presentations. You will not be permitted to use your own laptop or a USB.

Oral/Slide Presentation Template

The following PPT template can be used for oral presentations:

Instructions for Poster Presentations

Poster presentations are an opportunity to present your research to conference participants in an interactive and intimate setting. Posters should be graphically rich, have only the minimum necessary elements, and should not be an enlarged version of your paper.

Your poster should include:

  • The paper title, the author names, and the affiliations at the top of the poster
  • An introduction, theoretical/simulation/experimental details, conclusions, and references
  • Explanations for each graph, picture, and table

Size and fonts:

  • The maximum poster size is 42 inches square (1067 x 1067 mm). If your printer has size restrictions, posters can be smaller but anything larger than 42” x 42” will not fit onto the poster boards.
  • Use an easy-to-read type
  • Suggested minimum font sizes: 36 point type for the title, 25 point type for the list of authors, and 15 point type for the body

Print a high-resolution copy of your poster on a single sheet to present onsite. A tack board and materials to mount the poster will be provided.

Poster Presentation Template

The following PPT template can be used for poster presentations:

Late News Submissions

  • Late news submissions are accepted after the regular submission process window has closed.
  • Submissions will be reviewed on a first-come first-served basis as we build out the program, and will be included as space permits.
  • We encourage submissions of full regular papers and presentation only abstracts and panels (e.g., industry presentations / panels), following the instructions below.
  • Final poster or slide upload for all submission types is required by the same poster/slide deadline for all authors/presenters, including those from both the regular and late news submission windows.

Instructions for Presentation Only Submissions

  • Presentation only submissions provide an opportunity to present at WPTCE without publishing a paper. These are good for:
    • Industry presentations, invited presentations, those interested in participating on suggested panel topics
    • Any contributor to present results that are recently published in journals or patents that have not been presented yet at a conference.
  • Presentation proposals
    • Submitted through the same submission portal as paper submissions
    • Submit a one to two page single-column double-spaced proposal that includes
      • A summary/abstract of your proposed presentation or a panel topic you would like to participate on. Include any related images or links to associated published papers or patents.
      • A short bio of the presenter / panelist. Note that (unlike paper submissions), presentation proposals are not blind reviews.
    • Select the “Presentation Only” option when prompted in the submission form.
    • Accepted presentations will be assigned as appropriate to either a poster or oral/panel session.
    • Accepted presentation-only contributions are not tied to a paper submission and will NOT be published to IEEE Xplore.
  • Final poster or slide upload (to be submitted by the poster/slide deadline)
    • Final poster or slide deck must be uploaded prior to the conference.

Instructions for Paper Submissions

  • Paper submissions are for authors that would like their papers published with IEEE Xplore. For accepted papers, authors will submit both a final version of the paper that will be uploaded to IEEE Xplore and either a poster or a slide deck depending on the type of session the paper is assigned to at the conference. Both the full paper and the poster or slides will be made available to conference attendees.
  • Submissions should be in PDF format. The following links can be used for the paper template:
    • A paper template for Microsoft Word is available for download here
    • A paper template for LaTeX is available for download here (use conference mode)
  • Initial paper submissions (for regular cycle reviews, to be submitted by initial submission deadline)
    • Initial submissions are an early draft of the paper and follow the same two-column format as the final submissions.
    • Initial submissions will be doubleblind reviewed, so please remove author names from the actual abstract and try to refrain from content which will reveal the identity of the authors.
    • Initial submissions should be up to four pages in length.
  • Final paper submissions and Late News paper submissions
    • Final submissions are the camera ready full paper that will be uploaded to IEEE Xplore.
    • Late News submissions are full paper camera ready submissions that follow the same format as Final submissions from the regular review cycle. Late news submissions are not blind reviewed, and are only accepted as is on a first come first served basis as space permits to complement papers from the regular review cycle.
    • Full papers should be between four and six pages in length.
    • Authors must check PDF compatibility at IEEE PDF eXpress here before submission
      • Authors must upload the validated, IEEE Xplore-compatible version of their paper to the final submission portal. Failure to provide an IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF may result in the submission being excluded from the conference proceedings on IEEE Xplore.
      • Before Creating a PDF – Proofread your source document thoroughly to confirm that it will require no revision.
      • Creating your PDF eXpress Account
        • Log in to the IEEE PDF eXpress TM site
        • First-time users should do the following:
          • 1. Select the New Users
          • 2. Enter the following: 56855X for the Conference ID, your email address, a password
          • 3. Continue to enter information as prompted.
          • An online confirmation will be displayed and an email confirmation will be sent verifying your account setup.
        • Previous users of PDF eXpress need to follow the above steps, but should enter the same password that was used for previous conferences. Verify that your contact information is valid.
  • Final poster or slide upload (to be submitted by the poster/slide deadline)
    • Final poster or slide deck must be uploaded prior to the conference.