Industry/Technical Session Presenters

Marina Dobrinchuk

Reasonance, Head of Marketing

Title: Are Markets and WPT Ready for Each Other?

Dinesh Kithany

Founder and Chief Analyst, WAWT

Title: Wireless Power Technology – Landscape, Size, Trends and Insights

Alberto Peralta

Chief Engineer, NuCurrent

Title: The Power of Collaboration: Uniting Industries for a Wireless Revolution

Marko Vukovic

AeroCharge, CEO

Title: Wireless Power Network for Home Security and Safety Sensors

Matthew Perry


Title: A Misalignment Tolerant Foreign Object Detection for EV Wireless Charging Applications

Davide Auteri


Title: Design and Optimization of PCB-Type Planar Inductors for High-Power Wireless Power Transfer

Steve Statler


Title: Ambient IoT – Scaling to Trillions of Connected Things Using Wireless Energy Harvesting

Paul Mitcheson

Bumblebee Power Ltd / Imperial College London

Title: A 3 kW 3.39 MHz DC/DC Inductive Power Transfer System with Power Combining Converters

Bob Xu

Head of Marketing and Business Development, Americas/APAC, Energous Corporation

Title: TBD

Yuki Tanaka

Panasonic System Networks R&D Co.

Title: Self-synchronized Interference Avoidance Method for Far-field WPT System

Tom Nugent

PowerLight Technologies

Title: Present and Near-Future of Long-Distance Laser Power Beaming

Hikaru Hamase

Panasonic Connect Co.

Title: Study on 920MHz Band FSK Demodulation Circuit using SAW Filters for SWIPT Realization

Kagan Eroez

Brusa GmbH

Title: Enhanced Magnetic Coupling through High Coupled Parallel DD Coil Design for Inductive Charging of EVs

Didier Chassaigne


Title: Electrifying the Sky: The Role of Wireless Power Transfer Technologies

Jae Lee


Title: Multi-layer Design and Power Transfer Test of PCB-Based Coil for Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging

Kaitlin O’Keefe

Element Materials Technology

Title: WPT RF Exposure Testing and Certification Challenges

Robert Moffatt

Etherdyne Technologies Inc.

Title: A Modular Wireless Power Source Consisting of Injection-Locked RF Generators