Greg Kushnir is the founder and CEO of Emrod. A serial tech entrepreneur with a 20 years trajectory in deep tech, Greg Co-founded 8 companies and participated as an investor and board member with a number of technology firms. While energy generation & storage have progressed tremendously over the last century, energy transmission has remained virtually unchanged since Edison, Siemens, and Westinghouse first introduced electric networks based on copper wires 150 years ago. This led Greg to start looking for ways to transmit energy wirelessly over vast distances and eventually the birth of Emrod. In January 2019 Greg teamed up with world-class scientists to bring a commercially viable long-range wireless system to the world. By October 2019 a Proof of Concept was delivered to Emrods first commercial partner, PowerCo, the second largest electricity distributor in New Zealand. In October 2022 Emrod demonstrated power beaming for the European Space Agency as a technology partner for Solaris, ESA’s Space Based Solar Power project. Emrod is working with multiple energy distribution companies, telco’s, Aerospace industry, and regulators and is a recognised market leader in the commercialisation of long power beaming.