Design and ZVS tuning of power electronic converters in MHz WPT systems

WPT Workshop – Session 5 – Instructor: Siqi Li

Abstract and Session Summary:

High-performance power electronic converters are a prerequisite for taking full advantage of MHz wireless power transfer (WPT) systems. As the frequency increases to MHz, even for wide bandgap devices SiC and GaN, an undesirable switching process will introduce non-negligible or even unacceptable switching losses. The implementation of soft switching and the optimization of switching losses are essential to improve WPT system efficiency. However, the load, mutual inductance, self-inductance and other parameters in a WPT system may change, which brings great challenges to the implementation of soft switching.

This seminar will introduce the design approaches to implementing converter soft switching in MHz WPT systems. The course content mainly includes the basic design rules of MHz power electronic converters, the compensation parameter design method to realize zero-voltage switching (ZVS) in a WPT system with limited parameter variations, and the soft switching state detection and the dynamic tuning method in a WPT system with wide parameter variations.