Call for proposals for hosting the IEEE Wireless Power Technology Conference and Expo (WPTCE) in Europe in 2025

WPTCE is the leading conference and expo focused solely on wireless power technologies. The conference is jointly funded by IEEE MTTs and PELs societies and overseen by a joint steering committee comprising representatives from both societies. WPTCE is also being actively supported by a new IEEE WPT initiative (

The conference circulates annually from the Americas, Asia-pacific, and Europe. WPTCE 2023 will be held in San Diego USA (, and WPTCE 2024 will be in Kyoto Japan.

The conference covers technology development across a broad spectrum of wireless power applications.  The conference features keynote speeches, tutorials, workshops, student postgraduate school and competition, and industry exhibitions, all of which are supported by the local organisers. Topics of interest are broadly characterized as:

  • Theories and techniques for wireless power transfer
  • Devices and systems for short- and long-distance wireless power transfer
  • Industrial applications, issues and regulations
  • Engineering wireless power into roadways
  • Econometrics of wireless power transfer systems
  • Microwave/mm-Wave wireless power transfer
  • Solar power transfer
  • RF energy harvesting
  • Biomedical and healthcare applications
  • Emerging techniques and applications

We are now seeking proposals from interested institutions and industries for hosting this conference in Europe in 2025.

Proposals should be sent to the steering committee chairs by June 1st 2023:

Professor Grant Covic ( and Professor Alessandra Costanzo ( detailing the following:

  • Planned location: Country and City
  • Tentative time schedule (usually June/July)
  • Names of Joint Chairs (one of whom must be active in MTT-s and the other in PEL-s) and background information on academic and industry standing including expertise for running conferences.
  • Local support available to host the event.
  • Possible conference venue
  • Other supporting information on the likely venue suitable for running the various activities needed for a successful event including:
    • The post-graduate school, workshops, conference, and Expo.
    • Local attractions and activities